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May 6, 2022
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Grant Guidelines: What we look for

See what projects the Sonr Team is most likely to provide a grant for.

Grant Guidelines: What we look for

Sonr Grant Process - What we look for 

The below outlines what we look for in our grant process.

Sonr Point of Contact — Michael Amoako (

Align with Sonr Mission 

At Sonr we’re on a mission to unlock true digital ownership. Projects that receive grants should illustrate alignment and reflection of this mission in their goals and use-cases. This also involves leveraging key Sonr technology:

Verifiable identity on-chain 

Capture the value of verifiable on-chain identity by leveraging this technology to unlock secure identity-enabled on-chain experiences for their end users. 

Peer-to-peer networking 

Leverage Sonr’s high-speed peer-to-peer networking technology to create experiences between users, creators, developers, applications, and other peers on the Sonr network. 

Design in a user-centered way

Sonr prides itself in being a design-first company. Projects should display user-centered design combining market research, user interviews, user feedback channels, and other key elements of a user-centered experience. 

Be excited about what you’re building

Sonr’s grant program aims to give you a chance to build something that you and your team are excited to bring to the world. Not only should you highlight your team’s strengths and capabilities, but you should also convey why you’re excited to build your project in the Sonr ecosystem.

Example Projects:

MyData -  An identity-enabled peer-to-peer data marketplace 

Description: MyData is a peer-to-peer data marketplace where users are empowered to make their data work for them. As a marketplace built within the Sonr ecosystem, MyData is able to promise its users secure identity-enabled data-sharing experiences, ensuring that no one else has access to a user’s data without their permission. 

Use cases: 

  • Data science, Business Intelligence, and Analytics: Users can contribute to projects seeking data for Machine Learning and other related use-cases.
  • Content-creation: Content creators can sell their content and associated products directly to their consumers, without the overhead of third-party applications or owners. 

Why we like this: 

At its core the described project aligns with Sonr’s mission of unlocking true digital ownership in data-driven industries, while also leveraging key elements of Sonr technology. 

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Grant Guidelines: What we look for

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