What is Sonr?

Sonr is a decentralized identity system which was built for the Developer, and designed for the User.

Introducing Sonr

Sonr's decentralized, realtime network provides Web3 developers with a tool-set that to quickly deploy scalable Web3 applications, with verifiable data that can be reused and shared across all Sonr powered applications.

  • Developer Experience - We believe application development should be as straight forward as possible. Sonr's SDK's is an all-in-one solution for developing applications for the Sonr network. We believe in consistency and openness, as our libraries are built on open standards.
  • Composable by Design - Our protocols are flexible and are capable of wrapping custom protocols. These protocols are extendable and support merging, which allows for reusability and composability.

Getting started

To get started, register a new service in your cli instance, then read about how to make requests for the resources you need to access using our HTTP APIs or dedicated client SDKs. When your service is ready to go live, publish it to our blockchain testnet to reach the Sonr ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Join the community

For technical questions, we recommend our developer community. The Sonr team is active on both platforms and will be able to help you with any questions you may have.

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