Decentralized Storage

Sonr's usage of IPFS and Encrypted Vaults

Encrypted Decentralized Storage

The security and confidentiality of these keyshares are of paramount importance for the system's security. To ensure this, Sonr stores these keyshares in encrypted IPFS vaults. IPFS, or InterPlanetary File System, is a decentralized storage solution.

IPFS Overview

Unlike traditional file storage systems, where files are located at specific server locations, IPFS identifies files based on their content, making it a robust and resilient system for storing information.

Keyshare Validator Storage

When a keyshare is generated in Sonr's system, it is encrypted and stored in an IPFS vault. This vault is then "pinned," meaning it is marked for preservation and can be retrieved reliably from the IPFS network.

Duplication and Resilience

This approach combines the benefits of MPC's secure computation with IPFS's resilient storage to create a robust security model for managing digital identities and wallets.

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