Sonr token operations and economics.


In order to maximize buy-in and network availability for the Sonr ecosystem, we will be implementing an empirical Token Rewards mechanism. Rewards are a way to create inflation in order to dilute the token value, resulting in an affordable onboarding and operational experience for the end user. The goal behind Sonr Token rewards is to subsidize Highway based computation, in order to promote value creation and platform growth.

Validator Nodes

The TenderMint DPoS mechanism processes on-chain transactions and blocks with our underlying validator for a Highway node. This is a standard reward mechanism in Proof of Stake derived chains and will be the first use case of token rewards on the Sonr network.

Highway Services

The Sonr Highway system provides various services to interface over the blockchain records for: Schema, and Buckets. We are planning to incorporate rewards for relaying traffic, handling off-chain computation, and peer routing.

Governance Participation

At the time of Main-net launch, phase one of the Sonr governance rollout will be implemented and will result in a set of rewards for participants.

Submission of Proposals

Users will be incentivized to submit blockchain improvement or grant proposals to be reviewed by voting participants. In order to prevent game from low quality and out of scope proposals, a clear-cut submission and evaluation process will be put into place on a public facing FAQ website.

  • Proposers are required to stake before submission — “Application Fee”

Proposal Voting

In order to prevent innovation from halting on the Sonr ecosystem, we incentivize all staked users to participate in the polling process for community submitted proposals. Users are then rewarded for good-faith participation in voting, while also sustaining momentum.

  • Existing Stakeholders are rewarded for good-faith participation in voting
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