Web3 is at a chasm, a lot of companies are building clunky and complex software that neither developers or users can understand. We believe that Sonr is the only solution to onboard 95% of the world without crypto onto the Decentralized Web. Sonr does this with its built in Networking Protocol that integrates Identity, Discovery, and Delivery, abstracting away all the mess away from both Users and Developers.

Why participate?

Join our first annual hackathon at #MiamiHackWeek2022 at the famous Versace House in Miami. We will be accepting 15 hackers to create the next generation of App's while showcasing our brand new SDK.

Building a DApp on Sonr requires zero background. Simply pull the SDK from your favorite package manager and simply design frontend code and business logic. We believe the only way that crypto can become mainstream is through Integrated, Immersive, and Real-Time Apps.

What is Sonr?

In today’s world we can all be uniquely identified by physical forms of identification, like driver’s licenses. This identification can be used to secure our personal data, and gate the interactions that we have with each other.

Imagine a world tomorrow where we can be uniquely identified digitally, with a digital driver’s license that secures our personal data and gates our peer to peer interactions. With this license you can sign into applications, grant access to your personal data, and communicate with other license holders anywhere directly and in real-time. Sonr is the data delivery protocol for tomorrow’s world.

Our protocol offers a digital license-like experience combining Identification, Discovery, Delivery, and Transmission. Users of the protocol can share any type of data such as money, files, messages, contracts, and other digital assets as simply as Airdrop without the need for centralized storage mechanisms like Cloud storage. The Sonr protocol allows decentralized application developers to build for the world of tomorrow, enabling them to create secure and seamless peer-to-peer web application experiences.

Miami Hack Week