Easiest. Onboarding.

We provide a drop-in solution for registering and authenticating users on the Sonr Network. Users simply provision DApps, and can instantly engage.

Realtime Data & Messages

Create Pub/Sub channels on the Sonr Network which Peer's can Update, Subscribe, and Publish. Realtime immersive DApps without the heavy infrastructure.
Graph & Storage

Identifiable Object Storage

Decentralized Storage is a solved problem. The Sonr SDK is completely interoperable with both IPFS and ARWeave.
Built with cutting edge frameworks

Be up and running in seconds.

Robust Console – We built an easy to use interface to configure your DApp, all the Sonr Modules available easily.
Use your Favorite Package Manager – We built plugins for npm, flutter, brew, and cocoapods.
Focus on what matters – Our plugins handle all the heavy lifting, all you need to do is build the best DApps possible!