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Get your Sonr domain, which enables verifiable on-chain identity. Your Sonr domain is your driver’s license for the new internet.

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Welcome to the new Internet
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How it works?


Identity owned by you instead of a central authority.


Interoperability with blockchains within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Built-in Resolver

Automatic resolution from .snr/ domain to your decentralized identity.


Secure your data at the device level by linking them to your .snr/ name.


Protected communication with peers and decentralized applications.

Single Sign On

Easy of authentication using across Sonr compatible sites and services.

How it works

The Sonr domain registration process is powered by biometric authentication. Read the listed steps to learn how it works.


Name registration

Enter any alphanumeric name you want with at least 3 characters.

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Biometric Authentication

Complete authentication via your device. The public-credentials resulting from this will be stored alongside your domain name.

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Complete your $50 payment to secure your Sonr domain.

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