Sonr team visits Waterloo in Canada


September 15, 2022

Sonr team visits Waterloo in Canada


In an age where the digital world is taking a quantum leap towards innovation, the concept of Decentralized Identity is emerging as the next big game-changer. At the forefront of this revolution is Sonr, a technology company committed to pushing the boundaries of web-based innovations. Their recent sponsorship at HackTheNorth – a renowned hackathon event – provided a platform for developers to embrace the potential of their Wallet SDK and to easily integrate it into their applications.

The Birth of Sonr

Sonr's inception is rooted in a commitment to redefining web-based technologies. Driven by a team of dedicated technologists, Sonr aims to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and everyday users. Their efforts are focused on building user-centric solutions that empower individuals to exercise control over their own digital data.

Unveiling the Power of Decentralized Identity

Decentralized Identity, often shortened to 'DID', is a cutting-edge concept that aims to shift the control of identity verification back into the hands of the users. Sonr's approach to DID combines the power of blockchain technology with the principles of self-sovereign identity, creating an ecosystem where users have complete control over their own identity data.

The Advent of Wallet SDK

Sonr's Wallet SDK stands as a testament to their commitment to making blockchain technology more accessible. This toolkit allows developers to easily integrate wallet functionality into their applications, enabling users to manage their digital identities and assets securely.

The HackTheNorth Experience

Sonr's sponsorship at HackTheNorth served as a perfect platform to showcase their innovative solutions while engaging with the developer community. The event provided an opportunity for developers to explore the potential of Sonr's Decentralized Identity concept and Wallet SDK, and to see first-hand how these technologies can be easily integrated into their applications.

Sonr's Decentralized Identity in Practice

During the event, several teams leveraged Sonr's Decentralized Identity to create innovative applications. One notable example was a decentralized advertising platform that used Sonr's DID to empower users to control their own personal data while also incentivising their engagement with ads through cryptocurrency rewards.

The Wallet SDK in Action

The Wallet SDK was another highlight of the event, with several teams using it to integrate wallet functionality into their applications. This demonstrated the ease with which developers could leverage Sonr's SDK to empower users to manage their digital identities and assets.

Project Spotlight

  • Radar Provides users with a decentralized advertising platform, empowering them with ownership of their digital data. Users can view their token balance, personalize ads, manage permissions, and access an ads dashboard. The app utilizes blockchain technology for transparent data management.
  • NFTDoesNotExist The project was inspired by the concept of generating non-existent but convincingly real entities. The core of the generation process is a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). ****

Developers' Take on Sonr's SDK

Feedback from developers at HackTheNorth was overwhelmingly positive. Developers appreciated the ease of integration offered by Sonr's SDK and were excited about the potential of Decentralized Identity. The event served as a validation of Sonr's approach, highlighting the growing interest in and demand for solutions that put control back into the hands of users.


Sonr's sponsorship at HackTheNorth was a resounding success, allowing the company to showcase its innovative solutions, engage with the developer community, and gain valuable feedback. As the world continues to embrace the potential of blockchain technology, Sonr is firmly positioned at the forefront of this revolution, championing the cause of Decentralized Identity and making it easier for developers to integrate this technology into their applications.