Our Collection of Research Papers

Sonr has been under development since 2021 and has grown to be a large project. We write about our platform structure with these documents.


Go through a general overview of the Sonr Protocol and its mission. It is easy to understand by non-technical readers.

  • Platform Overview
  • Use Cases
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Technical Paper

Dive deeper into the technology behind Sonr and the unique modules that enable sustainable decentralized identity.

  • Engineering Architecture
  • Diagrams and Schematics
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Token Allocation

Find out how SNR tokens are being distributed across the network. Including airdrops, community pools, and more.

  • Community Airdrops
  • Token Vesting
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For those interested in running their own local node, please reference our documentation.


1. Sonr Base Foundations

Sonr is a peer-to-peer identity and asset management system built on a Cosmos powered blockchain. It utilizes Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus and features modules for identity management, service operations, oracle management, permissions, and more. The Sonr ecosystem involves various stakeholders who participate in voting, proposing software upgrades, and reporting. The deployment timeline includes building a community, implementing a polling system, introducing on-chain execution, and maintaining the governance system.

2. Decentralized Identity Specification

Sonr aims to enhance digital identity by aligning with W3C specifications for Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). The proposal focuses on implementing DIDs, preventing association of 3rd-party identification with wallets, and eliminating seed-phrases for onboarding. The x/identity module manages DIDDocuments on-chain and resolves private user identifiers off-chain. Additional features include multi-party computation for enhanced security and privacy, and interblockchain communication for interoperability. The proposal is currently under development by the Sonr Team, with a target completion in Q4 2023.

3. Authoritative Application Records

This document outlines the ADR-003 proposal for Authoritative Application Records. The objective is to alleviate decentralized organization management, enforce compliance with WebAuthn Relaying Party Specification, and enable Domain Origin support with DNS TXT Record Verification. The proposed solution includes the Service Record Primitive, On-Chain Multisig Accounts for Organizations, and Traditional & Handshake (HNS) DNS Verification. The economic impact includes network fees and staking incentives. The proposal is currently under development by the core Sonr Team, with a target completion in Q4 2023.