Sonr launches its DevNet at PennApps XXII


August 14, 2022

Sonr launches its DevNet at PennApps XXII

In the digital era, the concept of Decentralized Identity has become a beacon of innovation and sustainability. With the rise of blockchain and Wallet SDK technologies, this revolutionary tech trend is becoming more accessible and implementable.

As we delve into the world of decentralized identity, let's take a look at Sonr's first-hand hackathon experience at PennApps. This event marked a significant milestone in the journey of two projects—WalkWithMe and Sustainabilicare—that embody the spirit of innovation and sustainability.

Sonr's maiden voyage at PennApps

PennApps, a renowned hackathon event, provided a vibrant platform for Sonr's unique decentralized identity solutions. With a focus on sustainability and technology, Sonr was able to showcase its capabilities in creating efficient, secure systems and applications.

The event was an excellent opportunity for Sonr to interact with bright minds from around the globe, gaining insights into their perspectives on decentralized identity and its potential applications.

WalkWithMe: Making strides towards sustainability

One of the impressive projects developed during the event was WalkWithMe, a web application aimed at promoting sustainable living by connecting users with nearby walkers. The application leverages the blockchain technology at the heart of decentralized identity to create a secure, engaging, and socially beneficial platform.

Inspiration behind WalkWithMe

The concept of WalkWithMe was inspired by the challenges associated with walking as a mode of transit. The application was designed to address common concerns such as safety and boredom, which often deter individuals from choosing walking over other forms of transportation.

What does WalkWithMe do?

WalkWithMe connects users based on their intended routes and timings, enabling them to walk together to their destinations. The application uses a heuristic algorithm to determine the most efficient walking path, taking into account both the time spent walking together and the total travel distance.

A unique feature of WalkWithMe is its social aspect. Users can create accounts, becoming verified members of the walking community. This not only enhances the enjoyment of walking but also reduces safety concerns, particularly during night-time walks.

Technical aspects of WalkWithMe

Built using React.js for the frontend and Sonr and Golang for the backend, WalkWithMe offers a user-friendly interface and secure data handling. The application's map data is generated using the Google Maps API.

Despite the team's lack of prior experience with React.js and Sonr, they successfully implemented a heuristic algorithm and created an effective backend and frontend setup.

Future prospects for WalkWithMe

WalkWithMe's developers plan to introduce a tiered verification system and enhance the application's user interface. They also aim to expand the social aspect of the application, allowing users to form walking groups and deepen their connections with others. Geolocation tracking is another feature on the horizon, enabling users to view the locations of their group members.

Sustainabilicare: Advancing sustainable healthcare

The second project to emerge from Sonr's participation in PennApps was Sustainabilicare. This platform offers sustainable healthcare alternatives by facilitating secure communication between patients and doctors. By reducing the need for transportation to healthcare providers, Sustainabilicare promotes more effective and sustainable patient recovery.

Inspiration behind Sustainabilicare

Sustainabilicare was inspired by the book "Hacking Healthcare". The book discusses the need for innovation in the healthcare field and highlights the impact of human-centered design, which served as the driving force behind the platform's design.

What does Sustainabilicare do?

Sustainabilicare creates a user-friendly communication pipeline for sustainable healthcare alternatives. It utilizes Sonr technology to privatize patient data, ensuring patients control who has access to their records. This secure communication channel allows doctors to recommend sustainable alternatives, such as telehealth services and non-pharmaceutical interventions.

Technical aspects of Sustainabilicare

Sustainabilicare was built using Golang and Sonr's Motor API. These technologies ensure the secure and confidential transfer of sensitive patient data. Despite facing challenges in developing a Golang app that uses the Sonr platform on a Windows operating environment, the team successfully built a semi-working backend.

Future prospects for Sustainabilicare

The future of Sustainabilicare involves more extensive debugging and development using Sonr. The team plans to create a formal pitch, build a fully functional front-end, and deepen their understanding of Sonr structures to enhance the backend.

Decentralized Identity: The way forward

The advent of decentralized identity has opened up new possibilities for innovation and sustainability. As demonstrated by the WalkWithMe and Sustainabilicare projects, this technology can be harnessed to create solutions that not only address real-world challenges but also promote sustainability.

In a world where privacy and security are of paramount importance, decentralized identity offers a viable and sustainable solution. Through blockchain and Wallet SDK technologies, it provides a secure, private, and efficient means of managing identities and data.

As we move forward, it's imperative to continue exploring and leveraging the potential of decentralized identity. By doing so, we can foster innovation, promote sustainability, and create a brighter, more secure future.


In the realm of decentralized identity, Sonr has marked its presence with its innovative solutions. Its participation in PennApps and the subsequent development of WalkWithMe and Sustainabilicare demonstrate its commitment to leveraging decentralized identity for creating sustainable, efficient, and secure systems.

The journey of Sonr, WalkWithMe, and Sustainabilicare serves as an inspiration for others in the field. They exemplify how decentralized identity can be harnessed to create innovative solutions that promote sustainability and enhance user experience.

Let us continue to explore and embrace the potential of decentralized identity, propelling us towards a future that is not only technologically advanced but also sustainable and secure.