Assessing the Decentralized Identity Market: WorldCoin, TBDex, and Sonr


October 2, 2023

Assessing the Decentralized Identity Market: WorldCoin, TBDex, and Sonr

Digital identity systems have been a focal point in the tech industry, with solutions emerging from various corners of the globe, each attempting to provide secure, scalable, and efficient ways to manage identity in an ever-digital world. This piece dives into an in-depth comparison of three decentralized identity solutions: WorldCoin, TBDex, and Sonr.

Introduction to Decentralized Identity

Decentralized identity solutions aim to provide a secure and privacy-preserving mechanism for verifying the identity of individuals or entities online. Such platforms leverage blockchain technology to ensure the security and immutability of identity data.


WorldCoin aims to create a globally-inclusive identity and financial network, owned by the majority of humanity. It employs a unique "Proof of Personhood" mechanism, which verifies an individual's uniqueness and humanity without revealing their real-world identity. This concept is implemented through a custom biometric hardware device called the Orb and the World ID, a privacy-preserving proof of personhood.


TBDex is yet to release extensive details about its platform. However, the team behind it promises to bring a secure, scalable, and efficient solution to the table, using advanced cryptographic techniques and blockchain technology.


Sonr is a Cosmos powered blockchain that leverages a Delegate Stake mechanism and employs a unique Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technique for secure wallet generation and Decentralized Identifier (DID) resolution. It also uses WebAuthn for secure key storage and encryption, providing robust security for managing digital identities and wallets.

Assessing the Proof of Personhood

A significant aspect of any identity solution is verifying the uniqueness and authenticity of an individual. This is often referred to as 'Proof of Personhood.'

WorldCoin's Approach

WorldCoin's approach to proof of personhood involves biometric data capture through a custom device, the Orb. This device verifies the humanness and uniqueness of an individual, a critical aspect of WorldCoin's mission. However, the approach may raise privacy concerns, as it involves capturing biometric data.

Sonr's Approach

On the other hand, Sonr leverages the powerful cryptographic technique of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) for secure wallet generation and DID resolution. Keyshares are generated as part of this process, ensuring that even if a malicious party gains access to a share, they can't derive any meaningful information about the secret itself. This provides a high degree of privacy and security.

Application Services and User Interactions

Managing and authenticating user interactions with the network is a critical aspect of any decentralized identity system.

WorldCoin's World App

Worldcoin introduces the World App, a front-end application that guides individuals through the verification process with the Orb. The App also custodies an individual’s World ID credentials and implements cryptographic protocols to share those credentials with third parties in a privacy-preserving manner.

Sonr's Service Module

Sonr, on the other hand, employs a Service Module that manages application-specific data, user authentication, Service Record management, and DNS resolution and record verification. It uses a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) for user assertion, ensuring the challenge created for the user is unique and unpredictable, adding to the security of user interactions.

Wallet Generation and Management

Wallet generation and management are critical for users to interact with the blockchain and conduct transactions securely.

WorldCoin's World ID and WLD

WorldCoin's World ID enables users to verify their humanness online while maintaining their privacy. The World ID is issued on the Worldcoin protocol, allowing individuals to prove that they are human to any verifier while maintaining their privacy. The platform also issues a digital currency, WLD, to all network participants to align their incentives around the network's growth.

Sonr's Use of WebAuthn and ECIES Encryption

Sonr employs WebAuthn for secure key storage and encryption, providing robust security for managing digital identities and wallets. It uses an Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme (ECIES) for secure data transmission, ensuring only the recipient, who possesses the corresponding private key, can decrypt and access the message.

Incentive Structure

An incentive structure is crucial to ensure network participation and growth.

WorldCoin's Distribution Strategy

WorldCoin aims to distribute its digital currency, WLD, to all participants in the network, aiming to align their incentives around the network's growth. This strategy is especially important to bootstrap the network and bypass the "cold start problem."

Sonr's Token Rewards Mechanism

Sonr, on the other hand, is implementing an empirical Token Rewards mechanism. Rewards are a way to create inflation to dilute the token value, resulting in an affordable onboarding and operational experience for the end user. It's designed to promote value creation and platform growth.

Governance Participation

Governance participation is crucial to ensure the platform's evolution aligns with the needs and wants of its users.

WorldCoin's Approach

WorldCoin has not yet disclosed its approach to governance participation. However, given the democratic ethos underlying its mission, we can expect a governance model that encourages active participation from all network participants.

Sonr's Governance Model

Sonr is implementing a phased rollout of its governance model, starting with rewards for participants at the time of Main-net launch. Users are incentivized to submit blockchain improvement or grant proposals to be reviewed by voting participants. A clear-cut submission and evaluation process is put in place to ensure the quality of proposals.

Comparison of Decentralized Identity Solutions: WorldCoin, TBDex, and Sonr

Based on the analysis, Sonr emerges as a robust solution that stands out due to its advanced cryptographic techniques, secure wallet generation, efficient user interaction processes, and user-friendly control over data. Its innovative use of WebAuthn for secure key storage and encryption, coupled with its empirical Token Rewards mechanism, places it a step ahead in the race of decentralized identity solutions.

While WorldCoin presents a unique approach with its Orb hardware and World ID, concerns around biometric data capture and privacy may pose challenges. TBDex, still in its early stages, needs to reveal more about its platform for a comprehensive analysis.

In conclusion, while all three platforms offer promise, Sonr's advanced cryptographic techniques, efficient identity management, and innovative incentive structure position it as a leading player in the decentralized identity space.