Why Sonr chose the Cosmos SDK


January 12, 2022

Why Sonr chose the Cosmos SDK

In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Sonr has emerged as a pioneer in the realm of decentralized identity (DID) solutions. By leveraging the power of the Cosmos SDK, Sonr has been able to create a robust and flexible blockchain architecture that empowers individuals with self-custody and control over their digital identities. This technical guide explores the reasons behind Sonr's decision to choose the Cosmos SDK as the foundation for its innovative blockchain platform.

Understanding the Cosmos SDK

The Cosmos SDK is an open-source framework designed for building application-specific blockchains. It provides developers with a comprehensive toolkit to create multi-asset public Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains and permissioned Proof-of-Authority (PoA) blockchains. With its modular and composable architecture, the Cosmos SDK enables the seamless interoperability of blockchains, allowing them to natively communicate and share information with one another.

Advantages of Application-Specific Blockchains

One of the key reasons Sonr opted for the Cosmos SDK is its support for application-specific blockchains. Unlike traditional virtual-machine blockchains, application-specific blockchains offer unparalleled flexibility, sovereignty, and performance. By tailoring the blockchain specifically to the needs of a single application, developers have the freedom to make design decisions that optimize performance and security. This approach also allows for better scalability, as each application can have its own dedicated blockchain network.

Benefits of the Cosmos SDK for Sonr

"The Cosmos SDK has been instrumental in enabling us to build a decentralized identity platform that truly puts individuals in control of their digital lives. With the Cosmos SDK, we are able to deliver on our mission of empowering individuals with self-sovereign and secure digital identities." - Sonr Team

Flexibility and Innovation

Sonr's mission is to create a self-custody decentralized identity platform that puts individuals in control of their digital identities. To achieve this, Sonr required a blockchain framework that offered flexibility in terms of upgradability and innovation. The Cosmos SDK's modular design allows Sonr to easily incorporate new features and functionalities without disrupting the entire network. This flexibility ensures that Sonr can adapt to evolving industry standards and incorporate the latest advancements in decentralized identity technology.

Interoperability and Scalability

Interoperability is a crucial aspect of any decentralized identity solution. Sonr recognized the importance of seamless communication between different blockchains and the need to establish trust and verification mechanisms across these networks. The Cosmos SDK's Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol provides Sonr with the ability to connect and interact with other blockchains, facilitating the secure exchange of digital identities and ensuring interoperability across the ecosystem.

Moreover, the modular architecture of the Cosmos SDK enables Sonr to scale its infrastructure efficiently. By allowing developers to build independent modules, the Cosmos SDK promotes parallel development and deployment of various components of Sonr's decentralized identity platform. This scalability ensures that Sonr can handle increasing user demand while maintaining high performance and responsiveness.

Security and Reliability

As a blockchain framework, security is of paramount importance to Sonr. The Cosmos SDK's capabilities-based system offers a robust security model that allows developers to reason about the interactions between different modules. By defining capabilities and permissions for each module, Sonr can ensure that only authorized actions are performed, minimizing the risk of malicious attacks or unauthorized access to sensitive user data.

Additionally, the Cosmos SDK's integration with the CometBFT consensus engine provides Sonr with a mature and battle-tested mechanism for achieving consensus in a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) environment. CometBFT is widely recognized as a highly secure and reliable consensus engine, making it an ideal choice for Sonr's decentralized identity platform.

Getting Started with the Cosmos SDK and Sonr

For developers interested in exploring the capabilities of the Cosmos SDK and building applications on Sonr's decentralized identity platform, Sonr provides comprehensive documentation and resources. The Sonr team has created a set of developer-friendly SDKs and libraries that facilitate the integration of Sonr's blockchain infrastructure into various programming languages and frameworks.

To get started, developers can refer to the Sonr documentation for detailed guides on architecture, service integration, and client SDK implementation. The documentation covers essential topics such as creating services, authenticating users, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, and leveraging decentralized storage through IPFS.

Sonr also actively supports its developer community through various channels, including forums, discussions, and webinars. Developers can engage with the Sonr team and fellow community members to seek assistance, exchange ideas, and explore innovative use cases for decentralized identity solutions.


Sonr's choice to build its decentralized identity platform on the Cosmos SDK showcases the power and versatility of this blockchain framework. By leveraging the modular architecture, interoperability, and security features of the Cosmos SDK, Sonr has been able to create a robust and flexible blockchain infrastructure that empowers individuals with self-custody and control over their digital identities.

As Sonr continues its mission to redefine decentralized identity, the Cosmos SDK serves as a solid foundation for future innovation and scalability. Developers looking to create their own application-specific blockchains or explore the possibilities of decentralized identity can harness the potential of the Cosmos SDK to build secure and scalable blockchain solutions.