Sonr is a peer-to-peer network and decentralized identity system that allows users to create and manage their own digital identities and interact with other users in a secure and private manner.


Sonr's Services module manages user interactions, ensuring secure authentication, effective service record management, and reliable DNS resolution.


Sonr’s solution to providing secure and individual user authentication in a decentralized ecosystem.

Bring Your Own Domain

Allows users to employ their own domains in our network, promoting unique identification.

Wallet Messaging

Facilitates secure and reliable peer-to-peer messaging via user wallets in the network.

Push Notifications

Timely, automated alerts that ensure users stay updated on relevant network activities.

Flat Token Fee

Sonr provides a stable token fee structure, promoting transparency and predictability.

Verifiable Credentials

Sonr provides a platform for validating and verifying user credentials in a secure manner.


Sonr is a blockchain platform powered by Cosmos, utilizing the robust Tendermint validation mechanism for dependable transaction verification. Leveraging the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus model, Sonr ensures efficient block validation, fostering stability and consistent rewards for active participants.

Cosmos Layer-1

Sonr leverages Cosmos Layer-1, a highly scalable and interoperable blockchain protocol.

Delegated Proof of Stake

A consensus model that ensures efficient, fair, and secure block validation.

True Decentralization

Sonr offers a truly decentralized ecosystem that ensures equal opportunity and participation.

IBC Enabled

Sonr supports seamless communication between different blockchains in the network.

Rust Smart Contracts

Sonr allows the use of Rust language for creating secure, reliable smart contracts.

Innovation Incentives

Sonr encourages and rewards innovation within the network to foster growth.


Sonr's Identity module offers decentralized, secure, and user-friendly management of digital identities and assets.


Sonr's Decentralized Identifier Query Language, simplifying DID data management.

Controller API

A user-friendly interface for managing digital identities and assets.

Interchain Accounts

Seamless management of accounts across various blockchains within the Sonr ecosystem.

Multi-Party Computation

A secure and private method for data sharing among multiple participants.

Native Wallets

Secure wallets for managing digital assets within the Sonr network.

Secured by PassKeys

Sonr ensures identity and asset security using unique, secure PassKeys.